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Fun and relaxation in Croatia

A world of activities await you on the Istrian peninsula

Del Mar Emotion in Ližnjan is a great destination on the beautiful Istrian peninsula for those who, like you, want a holiday where they can not only relax but also discover new places and activities.

Aquatic adventures

Have you ever been on a floating island? You can’t miss out on the Aquapark in Pula, about 17 kilometres from Del Mar Emotion: water games for all ages await you off the Verudela beach.  Are you ready to get excited by a new Challenge?

Surfing and kite-surfing

The region of Ližnjan is well known for its bora, the north-east wind which attracts many surfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts throughout the year. The Kuje bay, especially,  attracts enthusiasts from all over Croatia and beyond. With its sandy bottom, the bay is perfect for beginners too.

Relax on uncontaminated beaches.

Here you can find some of the most beautiful and unforgettable beaches on the Istria peninsula.
Among these are: Bura (Salbunić), Matičev Pisak, Kala-Cala, Punta Uljeva, and Mala Draga. Crystal clear sea and wild nature: take your relaxation to another level.

Walks or bike rides

Are you ready to go for an energizing walk or bike ride?     The municipality of Ližnjan  has almost 70 kilometres of cycle paths and walking routes to be explored.

Sunset at the Capo Marlera Lighthouse

The fascinating Capo Marlera lighthouse offers a wonderful view of the Kvarner gulf and exceptionally clear sea: let yourself marvel at unforgettable panoramas and enjoy moments you will remember for a long time.

Pula Aquarium

Rain or overcast sky?   Visit the aquarium in Pula, in the ancient Austro-Hungarian fortress Fort Verudela. With more than 200 animal species, the aquarium  is greatly enjoyed by both adults and children.  Also not to be missed is the sea turtle recovery centre.